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Hows being a teacher?

Wondering how being a teacher is #teachers

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3 answers

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Keri’s Answer

I have many friends who are teachers and love their jobs! From conversations I have had with them, they find teaching to be a very rewarding experience. Most work in elementary schools and love seeing the development of the kids in their class over the year. One of the harder parts is dealing with the emotional component of seeing kids struggle through personal issues at home or with other students. It is tough to stay emotionally separated from the kids when you see them going through personal struggles that affect them in the classroom, but watching them succeed is a great experience. You also get summers and holiday breaks that you were accustomed to as a kid that most professionals do not get to experience, and working on weekends is rare, but finding time off aside from those set aside holidays is tough. Getting into a classroom would be the best way to see for yourself what a teacher goes through each day with the kids.

Keri recommends the following next steps:

I would suggest finding opportunities to volunteer in schools and get into a classroom to see first hand what it feels like to be involved.

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Divya’s Answer

I love teaching, though I am an IT professional I teach students on the weekend. Teaching is considered to be mother of all profession. Would like to tell you about my friend, who teaches students of class 8th and 9th she tells me that it is a great feeling when her students accomplish something. Teacher plays a vital role in shaping students life. I would say teaching is a responsibility as it needs lot of effort to inspire a student to become a good individual.

Teaching are always respected in all the communities.

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Bhanu’s Answer

Hi Kyle,

I am an IT professional but I love teaching. Its is said "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning". Teaching is considered as a great service to society. I try to volunteer with schools in rural area and teach them over skype. It gives me a very satisfying feeling.