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Kylie Oct 03, 2019 359 views

What type of education is required to go into architecture?

#architecture #college

Eythan’s Avatar
Eythan Oct 03, 2019 357 views

Is a business degree worth it? If so, what specialization?

Im undecided on what I want to do with my life and im looking into business. What's the best path to take to be able to support a family?

sebastian’s Avatar
sebastian Oct 09, 2019 381 views

what is the max i will get paid

#job #money autobody

Raquel’s Avatar
Raquel Sep 19, 2019 565 views

How do deal with living in a dorm

Theres a 25% chance ill have to study out of town, how do i get a dorm #college #studying-tips #college-bound #help

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Arely Oct 09, 2019 530 views

Can I aspire to get a Bachelor's degree if I suffer from depression and schizophrenia?

Right now I feel really discouraged and crying in the middle of my class. #college #career

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kyle Sep 25, 2019 421 views

Hows being a teacher?

Wondering how being a teacher is #teachers