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What are the top paying jobs in finance?

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What is the salary range for finance occupation ? #finance #business

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Hi Melanie, jobs in Finance have a vast range of compensation points. Top Investment Bankers and Private Equity partners can reach 7-8 figures in compensation. Hedge Fund Managers can make hundreds of millions or billions each year. To reach these careers, you'll often have to network your way in. Finance is a highly nepotistic industry and sometimes raw hard work doesn't cut it. They're highly competitive so even if you can get in, you'll have to watch your back. You'll need the prestige of a top undergrad education then a top business or law school. Keep in mind, these compensation points are not the norm.

There are tons of well-paid positions in finance in various industries. Investing, operations, technology, and other disciplines within finance companies.

P recommends the following next steps:

  • Take a look at wallstreetoasis.com
  • Search for these top career paths on Google
  • Start networking with professionals in this industry early.