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What is the potential of the field advancing any further?

biology# #science

Can you refine your question a bit? Which field are you interested in? Tony Rice

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2 answers

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Sandi’s Answer

Especially as technology advances, revelations in the sciences are booming. Bio- Medical practices are becoming an increasingly popular area of study for students. Students who study the sciences are not pigeon held into becoming doctors. There are many possibilities to apply a science degree to many industries and professions. Check out this article that shows a cool new way science is being applied in a totally new way: https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2013/09/advancing-science-and-technology/

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Kana’s Answer

Can you elaborate on your question? Are you asking about Biology or sciences in general

Hi Kana, just a reminder that clarifying questions should go under the comments section, not the answer section! Gurpreet Lally