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What are some of the tools I should be fimiliar with?

I am trying to understand the tools I will be using in the automotive field. I'm not just looking for the basic tools I'll be using, but also the more difficult tools that will be used.
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2 answers

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David (Kyung Jun)’s Answer

Hi There,

I'm not professional automotive mechanics myself, but casual hobby mechanic. I believe that you should be familiar with tool starting with torque wrenches and some of power tools that commonly use through out the work.

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Vikas’s Answer

1. battery-powered impact wrench, an air ratchet, a bolt spinner and an automotive stethoscope.
2. Impact wrench.
3. Air ratchet.
4. Flex-head ratchet.
5. Automotive stethoscope.
6. Extension bar.
7. High torque pneumatic wrench.
8. Vacuum pump.
9. Out-of-sight pliers
10. Bent-handle flex ratchet
11. Ratchet extender
12. Hood light
13. Screwdrivers with hex bolsters.
14. Air tool holder.
15. Air hammer with quick-change chuck.
16. Flexible funnel
17. Car picks and locks
18. Finger ratchet for tight places.
19. Car Scanner(Brand like Launch, Autel etc)
20. Battery Tester
21. Sensor tester.