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What I have to learn to become a neuroscientist

Now I am learning BSc #science #biology

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2 answers

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Chelsie’s Answer

Generally you will require an undergraduate degree in a related field such as biology, molecular biology, or neuroscience itself. Depending on the requirements of your country, you will need to complete a graduate degree in the field of neuroscience. This might be a Master's or honors degree. If you want to become a full PhD, you'll need to do doctoral research on a topic that is primarily related to neuroscience.

Chelsie recommends the following next steps:

Evaluate the requirements to gain entry into a graduate degree in neuroscience in your country.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Shruti,
You are on the right track to be a scientist. After your undergraduate degree, you can apply to programs in Neuroscience programs. There are many colleges and universities that have a strong Neuroscience programs that can assist in developing your career as a neuroscientist. You may want to check out: https:sfn.org. There is an Outreach program for young neuroscientist like yourself.