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Can you make a career out of texting?

I want to text forever #science #technology #computers #texting

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3 answers

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Chaitanya’s Answer

While I can't think of a career that can be based only on texting, want to give a perspective of what you are asking in $$ terms..
If you want to earn a base pay of $60,000 per year, that translates to $5000 per month. If you work 20 days a month, then you need to earn $250 per day.. If you work 10 hours a day, you need to make $25 per hour..
With that math, you would know that you need to find a career that pays an hourly rate of $25 for sending texts..
In the computer age, most of the texts we receive are automated with no human involvement. So, in this texting career, the value you offer should be based on the original content you provide..
So try if you can create content for which people are willing to pay $25 an hour and I am sure there would be many more career opportunities that would become available if this texting career doesn't work out too well..

Thank you for that perspective, Chaitanya! Caitlin B.

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Mark’s Answer

While I am not sure if there is a career in "texting" specifically and solely, there are many careers that involve customer support and communication over the internet. For example there is "chat support" available on most major websites from companies of all sizes. This allows for customers to get answers to their questions and other types of support in a very fast and effective fashion. In fact it is becoming the preferred method of customer service contact for many customers.

I would also add that this type of customer interaction is becoming more popular and important as a result of the COVID pandemic. This means that the number of available jobs in this field will likely increase over time as well giving you more opportunities to pursue your passion of a career in texting.

Mark recommends the following next steps:

Perform a job search in the customer service/support field, specifically text/chat support

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Stephen’s Answer

Hi Caitlyn,

While you may not be able to have a career exclusively just texting, a lot of customer support roles will have chat support options, so that may be something to consider?

Hope that helps!