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I want to become a IAS officer. What should I do after 12 std? Which course should I choose in college?

I refer some books also, any other classes I have to attend or what to do itself. #college #counselling #ias #giving-advice

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2 answers

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Manjunatha’s Answer

An IAS officer is one of the most respectable positions in the society. Candidates who wish to become an IAS officer have to appear and clear the Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC. Discussed below is the step by step process to become IAS officer after higher secondary.

Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor Degree

After higher secondary, candidates who wish to become IAS officer are required to obtain graduation in any discipline from a UGC recognized university. Bachelor degree is the minimum qualification required to apply for the civil service exam. There is no minimum percentage required to be eligible to this exam. Final year candidates are also eligible to apply for this exam.

Qualify the Civil Service Exam

The all India combined competitive examination for Civil Service comprises of two stages. They are

Preliminary Examination
Main Examination
Preliminary examination is usually conducted in the month of May/ June every year. This exam will be in objective type format. The exam consists of two papers, general studies and an optional subject. There will be questions for 150 marks from general section and 300 marks from optional subject. Candidates can choose their optional subject from the list given below.

Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
Civil Engineering
Indian History
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Science
Political Science
Public Administration
Electrical Engineering
The medium of instructions will be in English and in Hindi. Candidates can expect questions in the optional paper from the degree level syllabus. Time limit of each paper is two hours. Candidates who have cleared the preliminary examination are eligible for the main exam.

Clear the Main Examination

Main examination is of descriptive type. It consists of nine papers. Time duration for each paper is three hours. It comprises of the following papers.

One Indian Language for 300 marks
English for 300 marks
General Essay for 300 marks
General Studies of 300 marks
Any two optional papers for 300 marks each
Personal Interview
The final selection for Indian Administrative Service is carried out on the basis of personal interview. Usually the final interview is conducted in the month of April/ May every year. Candidates can expect questions on matters of general interest. The questions are designed to measure the suitability as well as the mental calibre of the candidates. Apart from this candidates will have to go for a medical test as part of selection procedure. Once selected, all candidates are required to undergo compulsory foundation training.

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Kayenaat’s Answer

I would suggest you go through the UPSC syllabus. Since you have completed 12th standard, it would be easy to understand. You can choose a graduation subject from the list of the optional subjects of the UPSC exams.

But to be honest, I would suggest it should be the other way round. UPSC can be cleared with a bachelor's degree in any field. If you want to choose a subject that can help you with UPSC that is also good. It's great that you have such a clear vision for the future but as you might be knowing it's a highly competitive examination. So, I would suggest you choose a subject that can cater to both UPSC and your back up plan.