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Angela Aug 02, 2016 630 views

What are some tips for cold calling about a job?

I am interested in an internship and I wanted to contact them via email or online application, but the specific location does not have any of that information. I want to introduce myself to the company via the phone number they gave us. Is there a certain template/key points that need to be in...

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri May 02, 2016 779 views

how to choose a career ?

What will be correct , which way shall i choose. which is now mostly moving courses in colleges ? Kindly help me #computer #3d-modeling #mac

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Tiffanie Jul 26, 2016 3038 views

What do you believe is your strongest asset in life?

What gives you the edge that can help you get jobs. Or that pushes people towards you #career #life #asset

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Shreelekha Jun 23, 2016 777 views


Hi. I am Shreelekha. Completed my Diploma in ECE. Now doing Engineer in Part time 4th Year. What are the Job Opportunities for ECE Department. Any offers in Government Jobs in India. Recruitment Related to Government Job #engineer #professor #jobs #educator #job-search #electronics

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Wenge Jul 26, 2016 602 views

What is the interview like for game company? Like EA and other companies.

What do they do in an interview for gaming and what types of questions are they asked? Do you have to study for the interviews as if it's a test? For example, I studied Virtual Reality in my uni, but not much theory, we just do stuff, making games. Are they gonna ask me about theory? #video-games

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Riya Dec 25, 2015 855 views

what is the best course ?

I completed my diploma in electrical engineering after that what is the best course ? #engineer #electronics

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Jul 06, 2016 700 views

what is better IT/EXTC/computer engineering

I just completed my 10th with 79.80% in SSC maharashtra state board. I want to do diploma but i don't hav proper guidance for this feild. I can't chose between IT/EXTC/Computer Engineering. Please help :) #engineering #diploma

Deva nagaraj’s Avatar
Deva nagaraj Apr 21, 2016 3578 views

what is the speed of a rocket?

just wanted to learn about rocket science. #science #aerospace

kiran’s Avatar
kiran Apr 29, 2016 725 views

can you explain about campus selection?

I was passed my 2nd puc. #ios

Sakthi’s Avatar
Sakthi Apr 27, 2016 1569 views

I want to become a IAS officer. What should I do after 12 std? Which course should I choose in college?

I refer some books also, any other classes I have to attend or what to do itself. #college #counselling #ias #giving-advice

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Rahul Apr 27, 2016 733 views

software Engineer

I am in 9th class. i want to know what to study after 10th #it

Deva nagaraj’s Avatar
Deva nagaraj Apr 21, 2016 981 views

which course should i choose? when i want to study about electronics.

I am interested in electronics... so i asked that question... #electronics #electrical #electronic