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What degree(s) should I look into if I want to work with computers for a living. i.e. building them, repairing them?

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I'm currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Modern Music - Drums, but it's not at all bringing joy to my life. Typically, when I feel overworked or stressed my go-to thing to do is video games. When it comes to this kind of hardware I have definitely encountered problems (as you do) with computers and consoles.What clicked with me was that working with my hands on computer hardware is actually very entertaining to me and having the knowledge to solve problems relating to this is something I'm definitely interested in. Relating to me overall question: 1) What degrees should I look at for working with computers in this fashion? 2) What are the top 5 colleges that would offer the degree that I'm looking for? #computer #computer-science #computer #computer-science #computer-software #technology #computer

4 answers

Brandon’s Answer


I never formally studied IT in college, but had a hobby/interest since I was a kid. I got my first IT job w/o a college degree but was able to successfully answer the questions in the interview and pass the written exams.

I am not knocking a formal education and would agree with the previous posts, however please don't limit yourself because soft skills and personality along with certifications can go a long way as well.

Brandon recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into Certifications: ACMT, A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+ and how they align with your career goals (these are to name a few, there are MANY out there!)
  • Read and practice as much as you can on your own to better understand the ins/outs of the hardware you will work with
  • There are trade/technical schools - but be wary when they make "promises" of jobs upon graduation.
  • Look into interning options to learn on the job.

Drew’s Answer


You should focus on a bachelor's in computer science at first, and then take coding classes online/take a master's program after that.

Karishma’s Answer


I would advise looking into a computer science degree or something similar. These are now widely available and will make you attractive as a potential hire upon graduating.

Prem Shankar’s Answer


You can take Jatking hardware installation course.