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What is the best engineering school in Michigan?

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2 answers

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Tony’s Answer

Your question is too broad to answer very well. There are 17 engineering disciplines. For electrical engineering, many point to the University of Michigan. For mechanical engineer, many put Kettering above U of M. For civil engineering it may be Michigan Tech.

Tony recommends the following next steps:

Identify the engineering discipline(s) you are most interested in, ask specifically about these
Research some of the yearly lists that are produced answering this question (US News and World Report, Forbes, etc.)
Think about what kind of engineering education you want. Will you focus on research? Are you most interested in getting a high paying job right after earning a bachelors degree? Might you want to continue to earn a masters degree? There may be 3 different universities that "best" meet these needs in your state, especially depending on the engineering discipline.
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Andrew’s Answer

For science and engineering, major is a lot more important than school. A study found that there's not much impact on the ranking on college to salary in later career. (The effect is much more for humanity majors) This also agree with my hiring experience. After the first job in engineering, experience is more important than college credentials.

So I would suggest prioritize getting into the right major over college, do internships to get experience.