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My goal is to be a physician, what's your advice?

i am from govenment high school J B Nagar Bengaluru professional physician-assistant physician-training physical-therapist physician #physician-

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2 answers

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Yi’s Answer

First I would like to say, physician as a career is great. You have to work hard and update your knowledge by continuous studying.
As a high school student. You can participate in volunteer work in hospital, get to know this field and build connections. Also join some biology or medicine related research programs, this experience will help you with your medical career.
Once you enter college, try to get good performance in your premed courses.
Always study hard. Hard work will pay off for your patients.
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Andrew’s Answer

I was in the track and experienced an incident that traumatize me. Make sure you experience both saving people and being next to a person before they passed away.