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Is it is very hard to study Computer Engineering?

I am Kanika studying in 10th std. My aim is to become a Computer Engineer so please help me. is it too hard? #computer-software #engineer #computer #computer-engineer

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2 answers

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Shannon’s Answer

Hi Kanika,
College can be difficult and so can Engineering, but that doesn't mean it's TOO difficult. Otherwise there wouldn't be many Computer Engineers that graduated and work in the field. It just takes hard work.

To build on other answers, take all of the Computer science classes that your school offers. If they offer any Advanced Placement computer science classes then enroll in them since AP classes are designed to be intro to college level studies. Do your best to get a strong GPA and high SAT scores for when you apply for colleges. There are plenty of online resources for self study also, but a degree from an accredited college in CS will help with future employers and your own knowledge as well.

If you do enroll in an AP Computer science class and take the official exam, some colleges will count that as credit for their Introduction CS classes so you wouldn't have to retake them. Rent/Buy an official AP study guide to help prepare for the test.

When you're ready to start applying to colleges it helps to pick several schools that you'd be interested in and have good Computer science programs.
Here's a list from USNews rankings for the best CS universities

You can also use the same website to look up rankings and information of any school you'd be interested in like colleges closer to home, etc.

In the meantime do some self study to learn and get a feel for the type of things you'd be learning


College in general will be more difficult than high school even if you're taking several AP classes in high school. For engineering classes the freshman and sophomore year will have several tough classes designed to "weed out" prospective students from the major. What's left will be the students who are really dedicated to majoring in engineering and willing to put in the work.

If you're getting A's and B's in highschool and did well on the SATs and stay focused in college you will be able to succeed. Do not expect to go out partying every weekend though or do homework/projects the night before and also get excellent grades. College requires balancing your own work/play schedule since professors do not directly get involved with students as much as high school teachers do.

Good luck!

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Christian’s Answer

Hi Kanika - its great that you've identified your desire for computer science. You should focus on Math and Science classes, and also take all the courses related to programming and coding you can. There are also several online 'coding camps' and courses that are available. Do some searches and try a few of them out!