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What certification do you need to become a master mechanic

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

ASE certification

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treasa’s Answer

Master mechanics diagnose mechanical problems in cars, trucks and other types of vehicles. When an owner brings in their vehicle, master mechanics will ask questions about the problems that are occurring and runs tests to determine if anything is wrong. They also perform tune-ups as needed. They are knowledgeable about all the major parts of a car, including the brakes, transmissions, electrical components, or computer systems. Working in noisy areas, in uncomfortable positions, with oily parts and tools may be common aspects of the job.
Career Requirements

Education Level High school diploma or equivalent
Certification Voluntary ASE certification beneficial; licensing is required by the Environmental Protection Agency for individuals handling refrigerants
Experience Some experience preferred
Key Skills Solid customer service skills; dexterity to repair automotive parts; familiarity with automotive computer systems