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How do you become mentality stronger for the Protective Services field?

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2 answers

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Curtis’s Answer

While not absolutely necessary to get a job in Protective Services, it is highly recommended to get a little military experience. Police academies and fire academies are paramilitary in nature. They can also provide some mental toughness, but in all honesty there is nothing like basic combat training to toughen the mind, hone the reflexes, and test your mental fortitude. There is a reason many of the best people in Protective Services have military training and backgrounds. It is highly desirable for both the tactics and physical training as well as the ability to see if you have the mental strength to function in high-risk, high-stress environments. Any military service will prepare you to some extent, but the Army and the Marines will likely prepare you best.

Talk to a recruiter and see what it's all about.
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Kim’s Answer

While I fully agree with Curtis' answer, I want to say that I had no preparation for the job, other than the academy. But that was a long long long time ago! What I found, on the first disturbance call I made, was that people did not know I was a Rookie! They looked to me for answers and action. I was the one in the uniform. And from that day on, I realized I was "playing a role."

You will find that when you are in a situation, there really isn't time to think about what you are going to do. You will rely on your training. You will rely on your fellow officers. There is no time to panic. Sometimes there's no time for discussion. You work with other officers long enough that you will come to know how they are going to act, and they will know what you are going to do. That sort of training and teamwork is reinforced very strongly in the military.

Additionally, military experience will put you at an advantage when applying to these types of jobs.

best of luck!