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my aim is to become a education officer?which subject i want to take please help my career

i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer

As a community education officer, you will help to organise and promote participation in local education or training opportunities. These include skills in literacy and numeracy, life skills or practical skills, such as budgeting, cooking or learning how to use a computer.

You may work in diverse communities, in non-traditional venues such as community centres, children's centres, libraries and churches.

Community education officers work closely with course providers and external partners such as Jobcentre Plus staff and spend a lot of time developing positive working relationships with community support workers, such as housing support and money advice staff.

Usually, you will work in areas of social deprivation or high unemployment.

Although this area of work is open to graduates from all subjects, a degree or HND/foundation degree in the following subjects may increase your chances of employment:

community development;
community education;
educational studies;
English or communication studies;
social sciences;
sociology or social policy;
sport development;
youth work.

For most posts, a degree plus relevant paid or voluntary community experience is required. Many entrants come from a youth and community background, while others have teaching or adult tutoring qualifications and experience.

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