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How can I get experience in cyber security while I am studying to get certifications?

I am a business student wanting to start a Cybersecurity business. #cybersecurity #business #entrepreneur

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8 answers

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Karl’s Answer

Hi Lavon,
In addition to looking for paid work, also consider free internships (some of them pay). Reach out to everyone you know connected to Cyber Security (Networking is key!) and see if they have opportunities for you to help them and learn while getting your certification. Also, subscribe to as many industry leading cyber security related magazines, web sites and forums as you can and read, read, read. Formal education via certifications are a great foundation, but you need to live and breathe everything about this quickly evolving world. Even earlier in your education, you must train yourself to think like an expert and speak to the many aspects of the field. Never stop learning!

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Nicholas’s Answer

It depends on what type of cyber-security firm you are looking to start. It is hard to get professional experience without the certifications. you can always practice cyber-security procedures at home utilizing your own equipment. The cyber security field is pretty broad, so I would attempt to narrow down or at least elaborate more on what you are attempting to get more experience with. There are plenty of learn at home websites you can utilize to further your learning/ studies but to get actual hands on experience you will either need to invest in equipment and do it on your own dime, or start small and get a basic IT job and kind of work your way up from there.

I would agree with some of the things that Nicholas said in his answer and add that kali linux and the tools and info you can get at the kali.org website is a good place to start with brushing up on some of the tools and technical aspects of cyber security concepts. There are indeed many avenues related to cyber security but if you want to get down into the weeds of the "what" and "how" then that site is a good resource. Chris S

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RAHUL’s Answer

The best option to get experience in security domain is to take part in bounty.

Try to do reconnaissance on the applications and websites listed in bugcrowd which would help you get into the shoes of an security engineer.

Certification path:
Security+ > CEH > ECSA > CISSP

Keep yourself updated with:
Google hacking database

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Bob’s Answer

Whether it is a CISSP, a CEH, a CISM, a CCSP a CRISC or other certification, you have narrowed your career focus. The next step is to narrow your focus in terms of companies supplying products or services in this market space, A good start might be Cyber Crime Magazine, that has the 150 "Hot" Cybersecurity Companies listed.
Then see what information you can gain in terms of the competitive advantage, customer profiles and business models the selected companies are employing.
Better yet, the best way to learn about starting a business is to work for a small "hot" company in the market space you have chosen. In this way, you will learn the practical application of the knowledge, skills and certification you have achieved. In addition, you will garner knowledge in terms of business models that make sense to you.
Also, you will substantially improve your networking of successful men and women, who like you, want to split off and start their own business.

Bob recommends the following next steps:

Review the listing of "Hot" Cybersecurity firms. Gather information on those in your target market space.
Contact the Chairman of the companies you have an interest in and request an opportunity to meet with the appropriate executive who might be willing to have you work as an intern.
Target the company/ies you want to work for in order to gain knowledge, skills, and business model acumen.
Then split off with those who will move the start up faster and start your own business

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Aamod’s Answer

Hi Lavon ,
In the field of cyber security keeping yourself up to date with latest trend is very much important as this job profession has real and direct impact to you or your organization.
So while you study Cyber security pls start attending to the Webinars which are mostly free and you just have to get yourself registered or read about the newest things happening in the field start subscribing to the newsletters of the well known cyber security firms.
Keep exploring the newer options start learning one of the computer language as this will help you in understanding machines better and will give end-to end view of the process.

read about newer laws in cyber security.

Happy Learning !!!

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Catherine’s Answer

Great that you are pursuing a Certification. Maybe it would be possible to check with your College or School if there are any opportunities to support them in this field. Can work in between classes during your day.

Another option is to check about internships at local area Companies. Most corporations have a Security or Cybersecurity department where they may have opportunities for students to gain on the job experience applying what is being learning from your students. Can look on line and apply.

Wish you the best of luck!

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Joshua’s Answer

I would recommend looking for internships that focus on you current
cyber security interests.
Depending on what University you attend they may have the ability to assist
you with finding companies looking to attract talent.

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Zach’s Answer

I would recommend internships and volunteering at conferences such as BSides. Cybrary is also an excellent tool that provides plenty of beneficial resources.