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iam want to join aircraft-engineer its best

Asked Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

hi iam hajira.the job is my favorite and my dream #airline-industry #air-force

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Aftab’s Answer

Updated Torrance, California

If you are located in south Asian country like India, Bangla Desh or Pakistan or a middle eastern country, the commercial airlines recruit aircraft mechanics on the basis of entry test qualifications. If you pass the entry test and interview, then you are sent to that Aurline ground training school to take courses on Aircraft Airframe or Basic Gas Tturbine or Avionics. Once you pass your ground training courses, you are sent to aircraft hangars to work physically in shifts under supervision if other certified mechanics on the aircrafts. After you complete certain period of time on practical experience, then you become eligible to take Mechanic Examination take by Government depsrtment called Civil Avuation Authority. That will give you ability to work independly on the on line aircraft which is getting prepared to take a flight.

After working as aircraft mechanic for several years , you get eligible to take Civil Avistion Authority's Aircraft Engineer's License exam. If you qualify that exam, then you have the ability to " Sign off " the aircraft as airworthy to fly out on the Technical Log Book.

Aviation is highly regulated field and you need to be a qualified person in order just even to touch the aircraft. You will need to have a good understanding of physics, thermo dynamics and properties of materials to make your way through to the job of Aircraft Engineer. This job carries a lot of responsibility.

If you are located in US, then you will have to join an Aviation School and pay a hefty tuition to go through courses for minimum of 18 months to appear in FAA exam to get your Mechanic Ticket.

Good luck

Gary’s Answer

Updated Kirkland, Washington

I assume you are referring to aircraft maintenance technicians. Here in the states that is how we are refereed to, or A & P Technicians, short for Airframe and Power plant. Whereas in Europe and other countries techs are called engineers. I don't know about your country but in the states there are specialized schools with a course of study that end with you getting an A & P license and hands on aircraft work. You have the basics of aerodynamics, systems knowledge and tool usage. When you are employed the company has courses for the type of aircraft they operate of which you will attend and are typically assigned to senior techs for on the job training in company procedures, maintenance practices and other information you will need to be productive and efficient at repairing and returning an aircraft to revenue service. Mathematics, physics, common sense, a good working knowledge of hand tools and torque wrenches is very helpful. This can be a very rewarding career as far as personal satisfaction and possible advancement within an organization. Just remember this. Whoever you end up working for, this is a schedule driven business, balanced against safety and economics. Your ultimate responsibility is the safety of the passengers flying aboard the aircraft you just returned to service. Meaning, YOU certified that it is airworthy. Don't be reticent to stop an operation you don't feel comfortable with. Better to be sure than wishing you had said something later. Good luck and be safe.

thank u so much

Cynthia’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

Hi Hajira, You seem to know what you want and have a passion. Are you living in India?


Yes mam and thank you
I like to teach to kids very much.......I love to be a good aircraft-engineering
Your looking very beautiful to me and to the world because your career job
Yes mam its my favorite and my dream for aircraft-engineer