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Very very confused

Hey y’all! I’m thinking of going into chem Eng because I’m interested in making things that help people/environment but I’m a bit undecided because I heard that it’s very hard:(
I just want a career that makes a difference in society, and that is hands on.
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6 answers

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Kirti’s Answer

Hey Kerena,

First of all Kudos to the fact that you want to engage in something that helps the environment. :)

Secondly, while engineering may seem tougher than studying HR (my major), it may seem easier when you compare it to 'Rocket Science'? My point being, anything is as tough as you make it. Personally for me everything boils down to consistency, discipline and dedication. If you religiously sit yourself down and dedicate a fixed set of hours to studying, you are bound to get hold on the different and difficult topics thereby knowing your strengths and weakness that you can use to your benefit to gain grades.

As for having a career that helps the environment and is hands on, you can explore other options mentioned in the lost below. I really liked some of them. :)


Hope this helps. :)

Kirti :)

Thank u:) my mom was just telling me this 😁 Kerena O.

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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Karena,

Great question and good for you asking for advice!

My husband is an Environmental Engineer and, in his role, he works on daily operations, procedures, training and guidance to keep people at his company safe and in compliance with making sure their work isn’t harmful to people and the environment. Might be another interesting career to look into.

No matter what career interests you, I also feel it is important to find time to volunteer, in any way you can, to help make an impact in our world. More and more, we are introduced to different ways we can volunteer using technology. And, by volunteering for a cause that interests you, like environmental sustainability, you may come across someone who can help you with your career and educational goals.

Best wishes for success in your education and career goals.

#career #technology #engineer #environmental-engineer

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Check out this link on “What is Environmental Engineering?” https://www.livescience.com/48390-environmental-engineering.html
Seek out a mentor or individual in a career that interest you and ask if you can set-up time for an informational interview or job shadow session.
Check out this article on “Using Technology and Innovation for Social Good.” https://www.greenpath.com/technology-and-innovation/

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Rani’s Answer

It is awesome that you want a career that impacts society. If you love chemistry and can deal with math - ChemEngg is not that difficult. I've known people who struggled in Chem in highschool but excelled in college becoz of the resources... usually you'll find a way if you love something.
If Chem is not your thing then you may want to explore other options as there are a lot of fields and options to make a difference in the society. It is better to choose a career based on what you love to do.

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Ash’s Answer

I won't repeat the good advice you've already been given in some in the prior post, but you should also consider the fact that enjoying a major and having a passion for a topic can make it easier. Trudging through a degree that does not truly interest you can be quite hard also. I'd suggest you follow your passion and take advantage of peer tutoring, teaching assistants, and your professor's office hours if you need extra help.

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Nancy’s Answer

Engineering in general is a tougher major. If you enjoy your math and science courses now and do well in them, then engineering might be the path for you.

Since you want to help people, perhaps you should look into biomedical engineering. This is multidisciplinary profession that helps make devices for medical uses and requires knowledge of biology as well as engineering principles.

Thank u, I appreciate ure help:) Kerena O.

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Rodney’s Answer

Hi Kerena,

Engineering in general terms is all about making life better for society. Engineering creates better roads, cleaner water, safer vehicles, and cool technology like cell phones. At the root of the engineering discipline is science. If you like math, physics, chemistry, etc, then you're a good candidate for a career in engineering.

Thank u:) I will look into it more. Kerena O.