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What are common challenges you have to face working as a nurse aide?

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3 answers

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Judy’s Answer

Hi Daisha,

What is one of your career goals? Is it to be a nurse aid? I am a registered nurse for 20 years. I wish I had been a nurses aide before I became a registered nurse so that I could have gained practical knowledge before I graduated. Are you wanting to eventually become a nurse?

Judy recommends the following next steps:

You can reach out if you have any questions regarding nursing or the nursing field. Thanks and good luck to you!!

I will like to start as a nurse aide then eventually become a LPN in maternity or pediatrics. I’m just researching common challenges that nurse aides has to face. Daisha D.

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Kerrie’s Answer

I think as a CNA, the biggest challenge is not to give information that you don't know. Many times patients may ask for your advice because you may be the one helping them to shower, to the bathroom, changing their bed linens, etc... Most nurses have experience being a CNA as they are in nursing school so they are learning in the process, but there is a strict scope of practice line when you are unlicensed personnel working under RN supervision.
Yes, there are times when you have to work hard, but RN's work hard also! I have been a nurse for 25+ years and have worked in multiple settings from Med Surg where I worked the 3-11 pm shift with 10patients of my own and covered 10 patients for the LVN/LPN (the Rn had to do admission assessments and push IV meds); worked in Peds where the maximum number of patients is 5 because we mixed all of our medications in the 90's; to being in the OR setting for over 20 years!
Every job has its challenges and nursing is no different. If you love it, you love it! I would not change it for the world! I love being a nurse and love that I can do anything, anywhere that I choose! There is nothing holding a nurse back if he/she is willing to try and to continue learning.

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Julie’s Answer

Over worked!! You may have a lot of patients, work under 2-3 nurses etc.