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Where should I start with new degree in Community Development?

As a soon to be graduate obtaining a degree in Community Development, with a concentration in Community Services, where should I look, in terms of organizations or companies to start my career. #community-management #career #human-resources #community-management

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2 answers

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Sheila M.’s Answer

You can work in the public or private sector with your degree, this includes your local community's Mayor's council, state council and any consulting firms or 501c3 non-profit agencies. With the non-profits you might want to also start by volunteering with that organization, serving on their board of directors or offering them a service of assistance just to get something on your resume.

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Maria’s Answer


What a wonderful specialty that you have chosen. I am sure with your degree you will be able to make a great difference in the broader community.

Your degree will afford you many different types of opportunities. However I would start by asking yourself what you really want to do 8+ hours most days, and define your passion. In defining how you wish to spend your time and your passion, you may consider courses or experiences through your education that you most enjoyed. If you define that first it will help you in narrowing down the areas of focus. For example, if you are passionate about supporting your local community and families, a nonprofit organization may be a great place to start. Given that it is the year 2020 they are a lot of opportunities to volunteer and help communities plan for the next decade. If you are passion is around helping communities provide policies, programs, and procedures that support families, (again example) , then you may consider your community’s council, mayor’s office, or school board. Finally if you’re interested in supporting a corporation with their major gifts for community outreach, then you may wish to consider opportunities in a Fortune 500 firm where they have a position supporting give back to the community for example a corporate outreach program.

In short there are lots of opportunities for you. I wish you the very best in your career endeavors!