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What is a good focus for a business major?

Asked Carlsbad, California

I'm going to study business and can't decide what I want to focus on. #college #business #major #business-law #focus #focusing

5 answers

Kelly’s Answer

Updated California, California

It depends on what aspect of business you're interested in - for example, Marketing? Operations? Finance? You can also go a broader route, like Strategy, which will give you more versatility. I am specifically interested in Human Resources, so I specialized my major on Strategy and Organizational Behavior. So, think about what aspect of business you're the most interested in and then what focus area of your major might align best with that.

Carolyn’s Answer

Updated California, California

I'm a strong advocate for focusing on what interests you the most. Business is such a broad category that almost any topic can lead into a business opportunity. Science, math, music, art - almost any topic can lead to business if you are looking for a business avenue. Think first about what motivates you to look into a topic more, what peaks your curiosity? One of the great advantages of our education system in the United States is that we are not topically fenced in. For instance, I started my studies in French and music and ended up getting a graduate degree in Law. My intentions with law were to apply it to government or business. You don't have to know today where you will end up, but I guarantee that you will not end up successful if you try to pursue a course of study that is not interesting to you.

Vikas’s Answer

Updated Washington

First if you have an inclination towards anything business oriented such as marketing, accounting, finance , management then you should definitely pursue business. It will also give you skills that you can apply in your job as well as the personal level.

First 2 tears of college will be general classes which all business majors take and then you can specialize in accounting, finance etc. I was an accounting major , and i had my sone take an accounting class in high school to see if he wants to do that. He is going as a business major with emphasis on operations management . So the point I am making is once you start taking classes you will see what you like. As an accounting major if you have grades at 3.3 to 3.5 you will not have trouble finding a job and accounting is a recession proof major in my opinion. Companies always need good accountants as well as small businesses. If you decide to be an entrepreneur what you learn as an accounting major will be invaluable

Mike’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Hi Deborah - This is a great question, today in business the needs are changing. I majored in business myself, with a focus on marketing. After working for the past 20+ years, I've found that one continues to be a student and there are learning opportunities if you look for them. Companies have needs around all business functions" accounting, sales, finance, marketing, etc. There are no business majors at some schools around analytics. Analytics is a fast emerging segment to enable businesses to see trends in how their customers buy or why they buy. Why not pick one major that interests you the most and then get internships that enable you to learn about all functions of the business. In the end, the wider your knowledge about how a business operates the greater value you can bring to an organization, a non profit, or your own company. The strongest employee's and candidates are ones that can create value to a company.

Horatiu G.’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

The currency of business today is data and analytics. The focus you choose is less important than the skills you build, and I strongly believe that quant (quantitative) skills are essential to long term success. Take statistics, accounting, finance ... data science, data analytics, programming. Balance these out with classes in psychology, organizational behavior, and marketing and you'll be set for just about any career.