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Looking for a forensics / cj internship for summer 2020

Looking for an internship in the city.. #internship #forensics #information-technology #criminal-justice

Hi Kayla, I think it's great that you are taking the initiative to find internships in the field that you are interested in! Unfortunately, we are not a job board and cannot connect you with an opportunity. We can, however, provide you with advice on how to go about finding internships in your area as well as tips on how to ace your interviews. I would suggest changing the question so that you can get the help you need. I wish you the best of luck on finding an internship! Gurpreet Lally

Hi, you can try using handshake or LinkedIn to find positions that match your interests :) Katharina G.

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Michelle’s Answer

Kayla, you will need to get into touch with your local law enforcement agencies/departments, the police, the state police, the sheriff's offices. These agencies/departments usually have volunteer programs, but some may offer internships, either way, you will benefit from learning what they have to offer for criminal justice students. Go on Ride-A-Longs so you can see what officers do. But working in the other offices of the agencies, like the records office, the warrants office, the civil office, even human resources, let's you know what other areas there are. Perhaps being an officer is not what you want (after seeing it in person), but wanting to still work in law enforcement in a civilian capacity. Some agencies use civilians as crime scene investigators, like me, so you can volunteer or intern with that office (if able to). The Evidence Room and Supply might use volunteers. Maintenance and Motor Pool also take volunteers or interns (when a person shows interest in those careers). All of these sections or offices - make sure that the law enforcement officer is out on the street.

Perhaps you are going in the direction of corrections. The local Sheriff's Office is usually tasked with that duty, and you may find that volunteering at the jail is of interest to you. Even at the academy (training facility) they could use volunteers. If you want to go into the forensics lab setting, then the state police is your best bet. Usually the state police system have crime labs, and they have tours for the public. So going on a tour, asking questions and maybe seeing if they have volunteers or interns in their office would be helpful to you.

You just need to ask questions, volunteering or internships are not usually on job sites. Making inquiries and showing motivation will sometimes open doors to places that might not usually allow volunteers or interns. Being educated about your future shows the current business model that learning always takes place...whether it is in the classroom or in the real world.

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Chris’s Answer

There are law enforcement internships at local, state and federal levels in U.S. I would check out websites for city/county police, state police and multiple federal agencies, like Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, ICE, etc.

Chris recommends the following next steps:

Read this . https://sites.ed.gov/whhbcu/files/2017/05/DHS_Student-Opportunities.pdf
https://www.fletc.gov/external/student-volunteer-program Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers FLETC have good programs.