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Why did you choose the particular field of nursing that you are in?

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4 answers

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Mary’s Answer


I did not want to work in fast food places while in high school. I could type, so I typed medical insurance forms and then somehow made it to the emergency medicine department to work as a clerk to check in patients. I got to watch the nurses and doctors and I fell in love. I went to nursing school and worked in the ED. Later I went to nurse practitioner college. I have worked in many fields, but still my first love is emergency medicine. Just get exposure. You can work as a "scribe" and be a real "fly on the wall". You will know. Something will touch your heart. Do what you love and the money will follow. It is very sad when you meet people that do not love their jobs. I met a doctor once that never loved his job, but his parents wanted him to be a doctor. Nursing has been a great profession for me. I can do so many different things and work in so many different fields. i have never been bored and feel like it is a "career", even better it is a "calling". If you love it, the challenges excite you; if you don't, the challenges stress you out.

I wish you the best in all your decisions and in all that you attempt!


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Danielle’s Answer

Perinatal nursing is particularly meaningful to me because I have 6 children, and I feel that the medical system has failed me numerous times during my motherhood journey. I have dedicated myself to being part of the solution. I want to give mothers and their families the support that I was denied.

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Kerrie’s Answer

I have been a perioperative RN for 25+ years. I chose this path because I was exposed to it while I was a nursing student via an internship and fell in love with it. After I graduated, I knew I wanted to know a little bit more about patient care, so I decided to take a job on a Med Surg unit for a year (not my first love). I then transitioned to a Peds hospital until I found a program that was training nurses for the operating room and I applied for that position and was accepted. From there I have been in the OR ever since.
I also shared a love for knowledge so in 2008 I went back for my MSN and became the Perioperative Educator at the hospital I had been working in for 10 years. After I graduated I became the Perioperative Clinical Nurse Specialist for the same hospital and have oversight of the Pre-op, OR, Postop, and Ambulatory areas for the nursing practice. I loved this part of my profession! It was a great job for many years!
I have since transitioned to a new state and was recruited to write policies and procures for a global publishing company for the Perioperative and Ambulatory nursing skills. I am thankful for the experience throughout my career to have had such wonderful life experiences to bring me to where I am today!
Try different areas, find what you love and blossom in it! There are so many opportunities as a nurse and so much room for us all!

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Melinda’s Answer

I work in the specialty of Hospice and Palliative Care. I know this is the right fit for me because of the way I felt while caring for my patients and now I travel to different states to teach others about the joy that comes along with caring for patients at or nearing the end of their lives.