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How big do commercial concrete jobs get?

I love to play with rocks #construction #career

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4 answers

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Ashlee’s Answer

Hi Zachery, from my research a commercial building is around 15,000 sq ft and a distribution center can range up to 50,000 sq ft. So I think the possibilities are endless but that's probably the average for larger construction jobs. However, if you like to play with rocks, you could also go into Geography, Geology, or Geographic Information Systems. So I'd encourage you to explore your options within all aspects of rocks. I hope this helps!

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Glen’s Answer

In my experience as a project manager, I have overseen concrete subcontracts, on buildings, in the range of 120,000 sq ft of floor slab and decking, plus 50,000 sq ft of streets and parking lots. On site development projects, I have overseen concrete subcontracts of 200,000 sq ft for streets.

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Curt’s Answer

Look up Wilshire Grand concrete pour on you tube. They broke a record.
I agree with Ashlee’s ideas, and if rocks are your thing maybe look into stone masonry or brick layers as well.
My suggestion is if you have a real interest in something, like rocks, run with it you’ll be happier doing something that you want to do.

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Robert’s Answer

Is Hover DAM big enough?
In other words Huge. It really depends on the type of project that is being under taken.