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Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Sep 28, 2021 661 views

What is the biggest challenge of being a construction manager?

#construction #management
I want to work somewhere in the building/construction industry as a future job.

Mikhail’s Avatar
Mikhail Mar 13, 2020 987 views

What steps should i take for a Project Manager career in construction?

I am a civil engineer from Russia. I have very good experience in Russia. But I think that I need to start my career from entry-level at construction in the US. I want to see the way that I need to go.
Sincerely yours Michael. #career #construction #job

Cesar’s Avatar
Cesar Oct 07, 2021 476 views

What kind of problems do people deal with when working as a construction building inspector?

#construction #career #inspector #job

Ivan’s Avatar
Ivan Sep 28, 2021 519 views

How many hours average do you work in a construction job.

#job #construction #career

Kassy’s Avatar
Kassy Feb 14, 2020 886 views

What do you like most about your work construction ?

#construction-management #construction

Eli’s Avatar
Eli Apr 19, 2021 614 views

Would you recommend college for construction?

I'm very hands on and don't like school. #construction

Landen’s Avatar
Landen Aug 26, 2020 701 views

What classes should I take for carpentry?

My school has a few carpentry classes but I took them all and was wandering if there were any carpentry classes after high school.

Keyla’s Avatar
Keyla Feb 14, 2020 764 views

What skills, abilities and personal attributes are essential to success in your Job/this construction??

#construction #career #job

Zachery’s Avatar
Zachery Feb 12, 2020 664 views

How big do commercial concrete jobs get?

I love to play with rocks #construction #career

Brennan’s Avatar
Brennan Nov 22, 2019 467 views

What is the biggest struggle in construction?