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What are the opportunities for a business communication degree?

I want to study Bcom as a degree, and I wanted to know more about the job opportunities out of school. #commerce #business #business-development #education #career

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2 answers

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Michaella’s Answer

Hi Pashupathi,

I did a bachelor of commerce and I started out as an inventory analyst for a retail company after I graduated. I used to work with stores and HQ to make sure that we had 'the right inventory, at the right time'. The degree is very broad, and you can pretty much do what you want with it. I went into retail because I used to work in stores part-time while studying, so I wanted to understand more about it.

Some of my friends went into consulting, investment banking, marketing, and even government. So I think you should think about what interests you, companies and industries you would like to explore, then try to get internships while in school - to see if you really like it or not.

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Danitra’s Answer

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