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What careers can I consider with a Biomedical Science Degree?

Asked Jurupa Valley, California

I plan to major in Biomedical Science for my undergraduate degree and intend to go on to vet school. However, if things change, can I do anything with just a biomedical science degree and no further education or degree? #biology #veterinarian #biomedical #biomedical-science

1 answer

Keith’s Answer


Biomedical Science can open you up to other fields besides Vet School. Of course, you could also pursue other health professions such as Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Optometry, etc. You could also go into Lab Research or Biotechnology. You could decide to go into teaching Science subjects in schools and after-school programs. Overall, even though you majored in Biomedical Science, it doesn't preclude you from obtaining jobs that don't necessarily require a specialized degree. Plenty of positions merely ask for a Bachelor's Degree in any field and consider more importantly your experience in any kind of work (paid or volunteer) that is related to the position you're applying for.