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what are the steps to get from a CNA to LPN

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2 answers

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Kerrie’s Answer

To progress from a CNA to an LPN, you need to find an LPN program that you want to attend. LPN programs may take 1-2 years to complete based on the program. The LPN program may also require prerequisites to attend the program, so it is always good to research the different programs in your local area to see what these are. There are also online LPN programs that may work with your local hospitals or other institutions to ensure you complete the clinical rotations required to complete the program.
You may also want to find out what kind of job opportunities are available for LPN's in your area, as acute care hospitals are moving away from using LPN's and are using BSN's at the bedside. Just a thought for what you are looking for long-term as a career.

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Brittnie’s Answer

Hi Symone, A CNA and an LPN are two different programs. The CNA program is typically a semester long. It will teach you basic care called activities of daily living and how to perform them for others. How to take vital signs, and basic things that you will also learn in the LPN program, like how to make a hospital bad and practice hand hygiene.
The LPN program is separate. It is typically 1 year. There are some prerequisite courses you need to take before, like biology and anatomy and physiology. So this will likely take about 1.5-2 year to complete your prerequisites and the lpn program. Then of course you would need to pass a board exam for each to become licensed or certified so you can practice in your state.
Hope this helps!