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What College And How Many Years Would I Have To Do Accounting For The Government?


I Need To Know What To Do As Time Goes On #government #accounting

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MelissaWilliams’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

Hi Terrell, if you're interested in becoming a government accountant (for state, city, or federal government agencies), you will need at least a bachelor's degree, that is a degree from a four year college. Most four year colleges offer degrees in accounting.

If you want to become an accountant (for the government or for a private company), it helps if you are conscientious, analytical, good at math, and able to work with business systems and computers. That means that in high school, you should take four years of math, including calculus, make sure you work on your communication and presentation skills in classes like English or speech, and build computer skills.

Robert’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

You can go to any college that has a school of business. A liberal arts school is not the place to go if you want to go into accounting. Most government accounting jobs would require a 4 year degree in accounting as a minimum. Some of the more senior level jobs might require an MBA. in Accounting. Once you get to college you should discuss your career goals with an adviser, they will be able to help you design your curriculum to get you where you want to go. Good luck!