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TerrellCodman3 . Jan 17, 2012 1721 views
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LateefNFTEBxAero . Jan 18, 2012 1357 views

what should i look into

i love art, the fine things in life and nature. i'm not solid on the career that i want but i love the world of business. what careers should i look into....


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BrittanyOppNet2017 . Jan 19, 2012 14256 views

What are work hours like as a neurosurgeon?

A good answer will speak about general hours and also emergency calls. #neurosurgeon #medicine...


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Sdancy13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 3522 views

What's the difference between a normal accountant and a certified accountant?

Im in the 11th grade and I'm in an entrepreneurship class. I wanted to know what's the difference between a regular accountant (not certified) and a certified accountant. #accounting #money #math #accountant #financial...


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Mzarco13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 28767 views

What subjects do you have to major in to be best at accounting?

Im in the 11th grade and my best class is math but i want to know what class to focus most on and to get better at to be on my way for accounting. i want to be prepared so that when i'm college i know what i'm going for and i'm...

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Mzarco13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 25759 views

What are the typical hours of someone who works in accounting

Im in the 11th grade and i want to get a job in accounting but i also don't want a job where i'm doing 24/7 work i want to have time for myself. i dont know what kinds of jobs there is but i would like to know what jobs there are in accounting and what are the...

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Pdejesus13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 5816 views

What requirements are needed to become an accountant?

I am a 16 year old female at The Business of Sports School. My school doesn't offer an accounting program right now, but I would like to know what requirements i need in order to become an accountant. #business #accounting...


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Melissa C. Jan 23, 2012 1274 views

What path do I need to take now as a junior in high school to become an architect?

I am a student at The School of Law, Government and Justice and I am interested in becoming an architect, however, I have not taken anyf graphic art courses or any of that sort since my school does not offer it. What is the best thing for me to do?...


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TashinaCodman1 . Jan 23, 2012 1593 views

which college can i take to work with kids

is there like a college to help you talk and work with kids.. i like helping kids out , is there any colleges that helps you work with children? #jobs #college-selection #children...


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SebastianOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 2755 views

What are some majors that are required (or recommended) in order to become a successful accountant?

I have been interested in Business, Finance and most importantly Accounting. I am asking this question because I was always curious on what specific majors are required. I don't know if this varies depending on the type of accountant but I would like to know of the majors that would cover most...

#business #career-paths #college #accountant #majors #finance #accounting

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ChemiOppNet2017 . Jan 24, 2012 2227 views

Steps to Take in getting into a selective law school

What are the steps to follow after college in getting to a selective law school? #law...


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JloweryNFTEAM . Feb 28, 2012 1710 views
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Joshua G. Feb 29, 2012 4202 views

I have a problem managing my time, how would I fix this problem?

I'm 15 and I have trouble managing my time and staying focused at school. How can I fix this? What did you do? #time-management...


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Vicrattley . Feb 29, 2012 4713 views

how can i get my business heard of ?

what is a good way for me to advertise my business ? #marketing #entrepreneurship...


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Kyiana L. S. Apr 02, 2012 2637 views

What helps you study for a test?

I have been terrible at studying for tests, but I am hoping that you can help me. Please teach me how to study....