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Does a veterinarian make much more money than a vet tech?

Is there a large discrepancy in pay levels between the two professions? #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #animal-health

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4 answers

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Jordan’s Answer

Hi there!
I dont want to be the one to burst any bubbles, but yes, I believe there is a large difference in pay levels between the two professions. I love vet techs, and I couldn't do what I love without them. I rely my time, my work, and everything I have done in my profession to them, but yes there is a difference in pay. As a veterinarian, you are the one who would be allowed to make the final medical advice/ decisions, prescribe medications, and the amount of school and training you receive as compared to a technician, it takes a long time to receive the title of doctor.
Both professions, so you do know, are wonderful jobs. Technicians receive full salary pay and benefits when working, they are skilled in everything they do, they receive so much training and are brilliant to work with! Either path you take, you do wonderful work for your patients!

Hope this helps a little!

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Bryan Y.’s Answer

A veterinarian is a doctor of veterinary medicine and a technician is a nurse trained to assist the doctor. There is differences in terms of salary, however I believe you should ask yourself what are you interested in when it comes to the veterinary field. If pay is all that interests you or is important to you I suggest you explore other professions before pursuing the career.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

both answers above are great answers - and we 100% could not do the job without vet techs!
If you are weighing the 2 careers, remember that veterinarians may make more per day/month/year but also are paying for their education which can be as much as a house (depending on where you live & where you go to school) as well as insurance, continuing ed etc - and if that veterinarian is the practice owner, they are dealing with lots of additional bills to keep the clinic open and the staff paid.

Vet techs are more likely (here where I live) to be paid hourly and to be sure to get a lunch break and to clock out or be paid overtime, and don't usually have as much after-hours paperwork. They also don't get to make the diagnosis and make/follow up on the treatment plan.

If you are not sure which is the right path for you, try to volunteer/shadow in a veterinary clinic and be sure to ask both vets and vet techs for their perspective.

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

Talk to vets and vet techs to get their take on what it's like in your area.
Check websites/talk to admissions teams at both vet schools and vet tech schools that you might consider - what prerequisites are required? what is the course of study like? what are the financials?

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Russell’s Answer

Yes, there is. Part of it is supply/demand - there are more vet techs than there are veterinarians. Part of it is the responsibility. Part of it is the skill and education. Having said that, it would be impossible for me to have practiced the high quality of medicine that I have without my uber-talented staff.

A vet tech is not “less than” a veterinarian. They are two different jobs in the same profession. Vet techs are receiving better education and training, moving them towards the equivalent of nurses. In reality, vet techs provide nursing to animals.

Also, remember that the entire veterinary profession is paid much less than it’s human counterpart.