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Importance and Scope of Agricultural Engineering

Hi I am kanika.I am 10th std. Do we have Scope for Agriculture Now. As Many Agricultural Lands has been transferred to Real estates. . #engineer #teaching #agriculture

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3 answers

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Sandhya’s Answer

Thankyou for your query.

Scope of Agricultural Engineering :

Agriculture Engineering is a technologically sophisticated field that offers bright career prospects and opportunity in any country around the world, and in various sectors. Some of the higher study options for the B.Tech graduates in agriculture are: M.Tech in Agricultural Engg, M.Tech in Farm Machinery and Power Engg, M.Tech in Renewable Energy, M.Tech in Crop Production, M.Sc in Rural Technology, PhD in Agri-Informatics, PhD in Rural Technology.

Well-paid careers are available for qualified agricultural engineers in government and public sector organizations, agribusiness firms, food processing and retail industry, research organizations and laboratories, banks and financial corporations, central and state government organizations and private firms.

The available career options for Agricultural Engineering are
• Agricultural Engineer
• Agricultural Crop Engineer
• Agricultural Inspector
• Agricultural Specialist
• Farm Shop Manager
• Researcher
• Environmental Controls Engineer
• Food Supervisor
• Plant Physiologist
• Agronomist
• Microbiologist
• Soil Scientist
• Survey Research Agricultural Engineer

All the best

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Mukesh’s Answer

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Wael’s Answer

Kanika, we need to eat, don't we? Yes, around us we see a lot of agricultural land going away; however, it is all being replaced with industrialized agricultural land further away from the major cities. The huge scale of these operations make them more profitable.