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What degree would be the best for an agricultural mechanic?

I like the agricultural field of engineering like tractors and similar machines. #agriculture #engineer #mechanic #agmechanic #tractor

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2 answers

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Tanner,

Is a great field, but maybe you can have a mechatronics engineering and the a master in agricultural mechanic, you first have to learn some mechanics, electrics and programming things, that are necessary to build automate solutions in the agricultural field, you maybe interested in building robots for farms and also to design and build tractors, I think mechatronics could fit in all your dreams and projects you want to apply

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Don’s Answer

In any field the key is to see where you would need to go for schooling, training and work. What is the best option for you and will it be the quality of life you would have for your future.

I think the field you are talking about is only going to grow. Having cleverly engineered farm equipment, and improved efficiencies and programmability of those machines will be key. With the added technology comes the need for more advanced mechanics that can troubleshoot multiple mechanical and electronic systems. Your main decision will be, do I focus on old equipment, new equipment, or both, as that will determine where you will be working in the future.

If you are planning on just working on tractors, then I would look into diesel mechanics, and find a program that is recognized and graduates are in demand. If you know where and what work you would like to do, contact them and asked them about education and training options. Sometimes there are internships that not only give you experience, but they also help you decide if the work is really something you want to do.