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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
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EVJNA’s Avatar
EVJNA Nov 20, 2023 239 views

what will this do for me?

what will electrical do for me once I finish school? how far can it get me in life

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Nov 20, 2023 218 views

why is school important?

im in high school but I want to drop out what should I do

Mygdalya’s Avatar
Mygdalya Nov 18, 2023 651 views

Can i get a good job with a G.E.D only?

Is it easy to get a good job with a G.E.D and not a high school diploma. I know its gonna be harder but everyone is making it seem like its impossible.

Tim’s Avatar
Tim Sep 13, 2023 316 views

Is SVCTE, a CTE school, a legit enough school for electrican?

I am currently a student at San Jose Job Corps and I am trying to be a electrician. The center here doesn't actually teach people Electrician despite that being my trade and instead sends people to a place called SVCTE, a Career Technical Education school, to obtain the trade. Has anyone gotten...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jul 31, 2023 675 views

What careers have both STEM and art?

I've always enjoyed and excelled at math and science but I've also always loved art, are there any careers that have just the right amount of both as well as pay a living wage?

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Jun 26, 2023 165 views

What does it take to become an electrician working with solar panels or buildingsls?

I am enrolled in San Jose Job Corps awaiting to study for Electrical Maintenance

Litzy’s Avatar
Litzy Jun 14, 2023 217 views

What educational/work background is required for Electrical Overhead Construction??

Currently, I am in material handling, facilities maintenance, and office administration. After my completion of these courses, I will be attending advanced training for Electrical Overhead Construction. Any additional comments/information would be appreciated!

jude’s Avatar
jude May 24, 2023 228 views

how long dose ti take to establish yourself as an electrician.?

how long dose ti take to establish yourself as an electrician.

kyree’s Avatar
kyree May 16, 2023 199 views

Is Electrical Engineering worth the years of college?

How do I get started doing carpentry? Is carpentry a hard job for first-timers? What type of degree I will need to become an Electrical Engineer?

Jonah’s Avatar
Jonah May 16, 2023 172 views

What do you like most about being an electrician ?

This question highlights what interviewees enjoy most about being in the electrical industry. Whether that's something in their day-to-day life or a reward they can't help but appreciate, this question allows the professional to discuss their time about the trade.

Josaiah’s Avatar
Josaiah May 16, 2023 258 views

Why does the compensation start so low for electricians at entry level?

I'm just wondering and I know that it can reach six figures at some point.

Jairo’s Avatar
Jairo Mar 06, 2023 161 views

How does one get promoted as an Electrician?

I wanted to know how long it would take to be promoted in Electrician

timothy’s Avatar
timothy Feb 01, 2023 254 views

What might be the best way to start me off into getting ready to be an electrician?

I am looking for ways to get a little boost of what classes i might need to take in college / high school to prepare

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Dec 06, 2022 496 views

Electrical: What kinds of projects do interns & entry level hires get involved in?

I am a currently enrolled student in Job Corp, I am planning on going into the electrical trade and would love to hear from the perspective of someone who follows into that career.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Dec 13, 2022 300 views

What are your main responsibilities as an electrician? ?

I am a job corps student.