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Azar’s Avatar
Azar Feb 13, 2017 7296 views

What's the difference between psychology and psychiatrist

I want to know #psychology #psychiatry

Vaishnavi ’s Avatar
Vaishnavi Jun 22, 2016 795 views

which is qualification is required for the indian navy career?

I want join navy force #engineer #any #navy

priyanka’s Avatar
priyanka May 20, 2016 924 views

what i should do for becoming army officer

I want to join indian army what shall i do #professional #educator #army-officer

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 20, 2016 1631 views

What are the different subcategories or specialties in the field of pediatrics?

I was curious about this field. #pediatrics #pediatrician #pediatric-dentistry

Katlyn’s Avatar
Katlyn Feb 10, 2017 697 views

What kind of surgerys do pediatricians do ?

I'm scared to do surgerys. #nursing

bande’s Avatar
bande May 03, 2016 966 views


I like to become mechnical engineer and i want to be a innovator #technical

k’s Avatar
k May 18, 2016 2061 views

who can i improve my hand writing in telugu subject

to improve my hand writing in telugu subject

Srigayathri’s Avatar
Srigayathri Jul 01, 2016 992 views

What is Material secience Engineerning?

i want to know more #teaching #computer

GYAN’s Avatar
GYAN May 25, 2016 1145 views

What is Web Designing?

I am Studying 12th Grade in Accounts Group.Accounts with Computer science .
I am interested in web designing #it-support

a’s Avatar
a May 18, 2016 1186 views

how can i improve my hand writting

i want to improve my hand writing #handwriting

k’s Avatar
k May 23, 2016 954 views

what to do to become a doctor

i am intersted to become doctor #doctor

Velayutham’s Avatar
Velayutham May 10, 2016 1494 views

what are air pollution?

my own question #bilingual-teacher

DHANU’s Avatar
DHANU May 10, 2016 826 views

i want to become police job

i completed 10 th . iwant to know about police job #police

vignesh’s Avatar
vignesh Jul 14, 2016 835 views

I want to become a police officer

what will i want to do police officer #any #police

saraswathi’s Avatar
saraswathi May 16, 2016 1149 views

how can i become a fashion designer?

because its my future plan #fashion-design