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What is the working enviroment in this Multimedia Art and Animation like?

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2 answers

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clem’s Answer

Hi Kaylee, from my experience working with design and animation studios in London and L.A. Susie's answer is pretty much on the ball. I've always found design studios to be fun, hard woring environments where people put in the hours because they genuinely (most of the time) enjoy the work they do. The studios themselves tend to be quite relaxed and people work to a deadline but at their own pace. If you think you'd enjoy working in that kind of creative environment but aren't sure, try and get some short term work experience placements, then you can find out first hand whether it would suit you, or you suit it! All the best and good luck with your career!

clem recommends the following next steps:

Contact some design studios to find out about work experience placements
Familiarise yourself with the types of software you'll be using

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Susie’s Answer

Hey Kaylee, most of the studios that I have worked in have been pretty fun environments with groups of people put together according to their roles or teams. A room or group of animators, clean up artists, storyboard artists, props, backgrounds etc.. usually pretty colourful workspaces with current macs/pcs and wacom tablets or tablets of some form. Generally pretty quiet so people can focus on their work, so lots of head sets, but also fun areas to collaborate and storyboard, discuss things, lunch, hangout and usually some fun activities throughout the weeks and months. I haven't worked in animation for a few years but it was a really fun time in my life and I'll never forget it!