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what steps do I need to take to get my Masters, right now during my undergraduate years?

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3 answers

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Heather’s Answer

1) what is your current degree?
2) what career are you aiming to attain?
3) life long career options do you want to achieve?

I am a RN with my 1st degree in victimology, 2nd with AS in Nursing, and 3rd is MSN in Nursing informatics. From different degrees and professions to even the school you apply too will have different requirements.

I did my MSN online while working full time. This required specific GPA requirements, application, cost, and past courses to meet the class requirements for the program.

Many, not all require the GRE, it the graduate SAT/ACT if you want a comparison. Many want a specific GPA as the grading style is different and more rigged. But think of your learning style as many are self learners and can flourish on online programs were others they need in-person classes.

Heather recommends the following next steps:

Be specific with the graduate degree you are perusing
Be specific with the career you wish to have
Long term career options you want to attain

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Sheetal’s Answer

First thing you would need to determine is if you are interested in keeping your undergrad field or do you want to switch the majors (for masters). Another thing is - Do you want to gain real world work experience before starting masters? or do you want to dive straight into masters after undergrad?

Often times gaining experience before masters can have several helpful/useful outcomes. Few of the benefits are:
- you will expand your network
- have related technical capabilities
- some money saved for masters!

After this information, you would want to start gathering information about universities and start making a list according to - GPA cut off, tuition fee, GA/TA or other scholarships offered and of course the ranking of department/school.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck

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Tiffany’s Answer

I'm not sure which field you are in so I will summarize what I did. I did a Biology BS/MS continuous program at my uni. They waived GRE requirement and it was fast tracked. You can see if there are similar programs at your school.
-For Masters that require research/thesis, it will be really helpful to get to know your professors in undergrad, maybe even work/volunteer in their labs. The lab experience will add plus points to your application and they can be strong references. For me, I stayed with the same professor for MS after taking her research classes in undergrad!
-Try to keep your overall GPA and major specific GPA up. As Heather said, many program have GPA requirements.
-Study for the GRE or other test that's needed!