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How infrequent are the jobs in automotive engineering.

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4 answers

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Gary’s Answer

This is the wrong question to ask. You should ask, "How frequent art the jobs in automotive engineering?" Starting with a positive outlook will always help your search be more productive.

Build a LinkedIn profile, identify target companies where you would like to work, and start networking with other automotive engineers. Get active on Twitter and follow those who do what you want to do. Find the professional organizations in the automotive engineering industry. Attend their conventions. Interact with their members. Most positions are filled through referrals, not by job boards. Let people know who you are, how great you are, and where you expect to go in your career and they will help you on your journey!

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Celia’s Answer

The answers from Gary and Giovani can be helpful to consider. It sounds like you want an answer that no one can honestly give you. Statistics found through O*Net and Career One Stop can tell you the expected growth percentage for the job in a specific state. Anything above 7% is probably reasonable, but 11% and higher is better.

You will want to consider where the job market is best for the career. I knew someone who was an automotive engineer who lived in a city with no jobs for automotive engineers. So, unless he was willing to relocate, he was out of luck. If I am not mistaken, Toyota has a plant in San Antonio, and there could be automotive plants in your area.

I might suggest that you identify a couple of employers and arrange an Informational Interview with them. You can find some information about informational interviews on line, just by googling it. This puts you in front of the hiring authority showing interest in learning more before you pursue a career. There is a possibility that this person will become a contact person for you later on. Basically, you get to interview that person to learn more about the job, and you can ask questions like how many automotive engineers work for them, and how often vacancies occur.

Good luck to you.

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Jerry’s Answer

Hi Clayton, If you're looking to get an engineering / tech job in an Auto plant as Celia suggested, I recommend learning about PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). They're pretty much the brains of the automated assembly line from my understanding (run robotic welders, etc). Learn programming and troubleshooting of PLCs - the most common ones in my experience are Allen Bradley RSLogix 50000, uses what's called ladder logic programming. Good luck!

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Giovanni’s Answer

Depends on your type of preference of field you would like to go in. Its noted that most engineers will be in designing and other sectors can be found in manufacturing and research and development. But I would say that pretty much there is an abundance of jobs and one could join professional engineering societies like automotive society of engineers which will guide you with experience on building relationships with other engineers and gain hands on experience.