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What do you like about your job?

I am currently in the Jobcorps program and that I am interested in the automotive trade. I want to be a mechanic engineer #mechanical #engineer #mechanics #engineering

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3 answers

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Tahoora’s Answer

I think the biggest advantage of being a Technical Consulting Engineer , is that you are facing new issues and challenges each and everyday.

Education is an ongoing process in your career.

Not a single day w/o study or the benefit is you gonna know new things.

Tahoora recommends the following next steps:

Try to find your passion first
Have a solid plan for your long-term and short-term goals.
Be mindful of your day-to-day activities

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Vineeth’s Answer

My job is to execute program, start technical projects from scratch and deliver those. Implementations , testing and release are also a major part of my role. I love interacting with people, work together in a team to crack a given problem, try out in lab develop new arenas of the same and make it successful in customer environment. I love being a catalyst and an enabler in my career.

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Paulus’s Answer

I am a Technical Advocate for a number of company's and different branch's of the government. I would say the best part of my job is when a business partner or customer needs help with whatever issue they might be having with there device and I can resolve there issue and make the day better. It has its challenges however its nice when we can conquer them.