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Automotive mechanics and engineers: What do you like about the career?

I wanna be an auto mechanic. My name is Jaime. I'm from Madera. mechanical engineer engineering mechanics aviation mechanical-engineer

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4 answers

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John’s Answer

Jaime timing is everything, the automotive industry is presently growing by leaps and bounds.

With the above trends emerging at a fast pace, we are likely to see a lot more interesting things in the near future and an incredible transformation at breakneck speed. The future of this industry is quite exciting as we eagerly wait to see how far these emerging trends will develop. The automotive industry is presently confronting what could be its greatest transformation. Considering the sheer size of this industry, we can rightly say that it has the power to continue influencing the direction in which humanity will progress in future.

Technology-driven trends have always been revolutionizing the way in which automotive industry players react to the changing behavior of consumers, build partnerships, and bring about a change. Your generation will transforming the foreseeable future of the automotive industry.


We have been watching a lot of smart technologies making their way into automobiles. Connected vehicles will have the ability to share details about the driving conditions, such as sudden braking, speed, weather, and more. This is just the beginning of what, I could only assume would a technology similar to Wi-Fi, possibly becoming a standard feature on almost every vehicle. This is why topics like car sensors, vehicle transmissions, and wireless communications have been in extensive discussion during the last few years.

This is undoubtedly the emerging trend that has been ruling the automotive field. Though self-driving technology is not prevalent on the streets, it is being experimented all over the globe. Autonomous driving will soon rule the streets as well, thanks to the collaboration between many advanced technologies. From minimizing accidents caused due to drowsiness to letting drivers be more social with fellow passengers, the benefits of this technology are numerous. Ever since Google started experimenting with autonomous driving, this has been the topic of conversation in the field.


What is perhaps most interesting about self-driving vehicles is that technology institutions like Google and Apple are at the forefront, not our existing auto manufacturers. Traditional manufacturers seem to be focusing on gradual introduction of smart technology, while the tech companies are going straight for self-driving models. Right now, car manufacturers work hard to provide new and more adventurous features with every new model, and that includes some smart features. Even the smartest cars on the market today only offer seconds of autonomy at a time.

The two main selling points of smart and self-driving vehicles are safety and convenience. The idea is that well-programmed computers and high-functioning sensors can control a vehicle more safely than a person, because computers cannot be distracted or put under duress.

Examples of existing smart features include collision avoidance, lane tracking, parking assistance, and more. All these features mean that the car will be able to override mistakes made by drivers. Convenience is another huge benefit of smart cars that is less discussed than safety. It does not simply mean that lazy drivers no longer need to pay attention to the road; it also means that elderly and disabled individuals will have broader mobility options. Self-driving cars especially have huge potential in this market.

Knowing these challenges Jaime, I think your two careers are perfect when we start seeing advanced smart car technology on the market.
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Kristy’s Answer

My husband is an auto mechanic and has been since he learned the trade in high school through the Vo-tech program. I know I'm speaking for him but I can tell you that his trade has provided him a very nice living over all these years but he'd tell you that it cost him a very small fortune to get started (thousands of dollars on tools) and there is always continuing education for certifications needed (he has an employer who pays for that though). He just discussed this with his son who was also considering entering a trade school and he steered him to pursue a different trade (example: electrician, plumber) BUT definitely pursue a trade because they are in demand, pay very well and will always be needed.
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Jeff’s Answer

I think this is a great skillset to have! People will always need their cars worked on, or fixed. I personally have wished over the years that I had this skillset and you will always be in demand. This skillset will allow you to work independently and start your own business if you choose. I several friends who have started their business while working out of their garage. Also, working for a great dealership could have its perks too.
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G. Mark’s Answer

Well, I became an engineer because I just love understanding how stuff works and how to fix it. I was originally intending to be a physician for the same reason. I can't walk anywhere and see just about anything and wonder how it works. I'm compelled to fix it if it's broken. So what did I like about fixing cars? Fixing cars . They get more sophisticated every day and getting them working right is a kick. Like just about fixing everything. So that's it. Not the money or the hours or the praise or anything else. Remember -- most folks who are mechanics worked on cars long before they became mechanics. And they did it for free. You see the connection, I'm sure.