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Rachel S. May 13, 2016 643 views

Is my dream school for graduate education worth the debt? Will it be worth it for my future career?

After I complete my undergraduate school at Georgia Tech, my dream is to attend the University of Southern California for graduate school and earn my Masters in Economics. This school is extremely expensive and will leave me in debt. #graduate-school #economics #debt...


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christique G. Nov 27, 2018 256 views

Has a career in HVAC been able to provide a sustainable lifestyle?

I am enrolled at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and I am weighing my options about entering HVAC. I am wondering if it would be beneficial to me, in terms of finances. #hvac #heating #finance...


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Domenica V. May 14 451 views

How can you determine what career is best for you?

Building things and finding solutions to problems are things I like as well as being able to help people. I plan on opening a business whether it is in auto mechanics or construction. #construction #business #automotive...


Domenica V.’s Avatar
Domenica V. May 14 275 views

How have you been able to accomplish what you have thus far?

I'm getting certifications for both construction and auto mechanics and I want to open my business for either or. #business #construction...