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Is my dream school for graduate education worth the debt? Will it be worth it for my future career?

Asked Dunwoody, Georgia

After I complete my undergraduate school at Georgia Tech, my dream is to attend the University of Southern California for graduate school and earn my Masters in Economics. This school is extremely expensive and will leave me in debt. #graduate-school #economics #debt #personal-finance

2 answers

Carlos’s Answer

To determine the value of an educational investment, you'll need to determine your earning potential vs. the cost of a graduate degree. Some things to consider so you can make this dream a reality: -Most importantly, have clearly defined plans/goals in place for the duration/completion of this program. Remember, this is an investment in yourself. Investments can turn out poorly, so all we can do is try to minimize risk as much as possible. -Research the required courses and upcoming schedules to get an idea of the typical course load (help determine if you can make time to work around studies) -Attend part-time in an effort to keep up with tuition expenses -Research career opportunities at the school itself to help with work/student balance - (ie: assisting undergrad professors) -At a quick glance I'm not seeing online opportunities for this program but research for yourself to find out. Even if there are just a few opportunities online, that could greatly help a work/student balance. #graduate-school #personal-finance

Sonali’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Apply for graduate study loans/scholarships also. With your graduate degree, you will get a good job and can easily pay off the loan.