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Balram B. Apr 28, 2016 733 views

How do I become a Software Engineer ?

I am in 10th Class and i love to work on diffrent Projects releted to computers. I have design Websites, Blogs, Youtube Channel and Mobile App. #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software...


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Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 614 views

How did you get to be successful in youth ministry?

I am going to college to get an M. Div in Pastoral Studies and I plan to be a youth minister. How do I make sure I can be successful in this? #leadership #youth #ministry #youth-ministry #youth-leadership #christian #ordained-ministry...


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Esther C. Nov 28, 2016 1479 views

What can I do to gain more leadership experience in college?

From the start of college, I have joined many clubs and organizations to get involved. However, lately I've been stressing out because every time I desire to join a committee or become a board member, I never quite succeed. Will not obtaining leadership positions hinder my potential to...

#employment #organizational-leadership #career-path #student-clubs #career-development #leadership #organization

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Nikki G. Feb 10, 2017 543 views

Is teaching a good choice for me

I love teaching and leadership #teaching #music...


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Jonathan G. Mar 14, 2018 288 views

How do I go about creating my own Company in the Engineering Industry?

Being enrolled in the Drexel Co-op program has given me the incites that I am grateful for experiencing before I enter the workforce. As I near the end of my last Co-op, I have realized that a 9am-5pm job is not for me. Being self employed has always been a dream of mine. #leadership...

#self-employed #self-driven #engineering

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Alexa R. Mar 25, 2018 882 views

How do I devote my career to serving others while making sure I'm financially stable and independent?

My college education has been rich in genuine service, social action, and giving back to my campus and my community. I have loved every second of this experience because I thrive on interacting with new people and I want to change the world. I truly believe people can make an impact and I want...

#leadership #service

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Sivakumar S. Mar 19, 2019 396 views

I am moving back to India ? How do I cope up with this new environment

I am moving back to India ? How do I cope up with this new environment #moving #india...


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Archit D. Apr 22, 2019 632 views

Want to study Cloud Computing, don't know where to start from?

I want to study Cloud Computing and develop it as a career afterwards, but the main obstacle I come across is from where I should start, I've searched on google and quora but most of the answers are related to data science or AWS. It's very confusing as I cannot understand what I want to do in...

#college #computing #cloud #india #technology #aws #google #datascience #software #science #career

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ethan L. Sep 06, 2019 103 views

what do you do on a day to day basis at work

I’m a senior at brennan high I want to be a chemical engineer and be young and successful and working by 25 in the field. #chemical #engineer...


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Kennedy L. Sep 23, 2019 175 views

What do you like about your job?

I am currently in the Jobcorps program and that I am interested in the automotive trade. I want to be a mechanic engineer #mechanical #engineer #mechanics...


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DaQ'uantai S. Oct 01, 2019 146 views

what do you like most about your career

i like the fact that i get to work hands on make houses learn to build...


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Tylar M. May 20, 2020 174 views

What is the average work day of a SW Engineer like?

How long do they work and what type of work do they do?...