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What kinds of decisions do you make?

What is a typical day (or week) like for you???? #automotive #career #cars #mechanic

Well, first of all I analyze the things I want, and depending on the solutions I make the best decisions 😊 Sinay R.

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2 answers

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Zohreh’s Answer

Hi Bryan,

I am not in the car mechanics field as I work in IT but on a daily basis I make these decisions:

- what new thing or skill I want to learn today that will add to my professional profile?
- Is there a task that I can do that is both interesting and also through doing it, I learn something new that will benefit my career (based on my experience anything new that you learn will one day come handy lol)
- From which source I should get my learning material? an actual trainer? an online class on Udemy where I pay a small amount and learn something from a real teacher? or just some professional youtube videos that teach me something for free? In your field these links might help:

Hope this helps!

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Palak’s Answer

H Bryan,

I am a Pharmacist and work in the Long Term Care space as a Clinical Advisor. The two biggest daily decisions I make are the following:

-project management; deciding which task I am going to work on and when in order to stay on-track for completion date
-time management; effectively switching gears and multi-tasking to succeed