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How get a better wage?

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5 answers

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Cheryl’s Answer

First, think about what you are good at. Are you good with your hands, or do you like problem-solving? I would contact your area community college. First, they are in the know, meaning they know what jobs are hot, where you can get paid well. In my area, robotics is super hot. A 1 year certificate or 2 year degree could eventually land you a job as an "expert", somebody who is on the cutting edge, and a lot of other people do not share your skill set. Seriously, over 50k to start. But again, you have to first figure out what you want to be an expert in. Decide what you are good at. Also, there is grant money for school. You just need a diploma or GED. If you do not have it, go get it! Once you got that, you need to fill out the FAFSA. If you are undocumented, you can still apply to most schools. The school just has to find you money to attend from other sources. Also, a lot of programs allow you to work while you go to school. It helps if you select a job that is in high demand. For example, truck drivers are in high demand right now. You need to get a special license to do this though. I hope this gets you thinking a bit more about what you picture yourself doing. It seems like you are stuck right now, which tells me there is a roadblock. If you share what those roadblocks are, maybe we can help you more. :)

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Michael’s Answer

Get more training. Diesel, heavy equipment, and transmission rebuilders are in high demand and can get more money.
Another way is generate more money in your curent job. Technicians generating $$ should benefit.
For instance if I were an oil changer making $12.00 an hour and I spent a few minutes inspecting every car I lifted off the ground I would find necessary repairs. I would find worn brakes, loose bearings, nails in tires, bad tires, fluid leaks, leaking CV boots, loose steering parts, worn bushings, belts, hoses, bulbs, ABS light, engine light and air bag lights on. So I'm making $96.00 a day but generating $1000.00 in additional repairs. Customers want safe cars. Your employer will find value in your work ethic and should pay you more.

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Steve’s Answer

Earning more money really means being recognized for doing a good job, contributing to the company, and making life easier for your boss and customers. Here's how:

1) Be Reliable - Always show up for work when scheduled, be on time for your shift, and let you supervisor know in advance if you need time off or can't make a scheduled shift.

2) Work Hard - Give it your best effort, be productive, and stay focused on your job and the goals/tasks your supervisor gave you.

3) Do It Right - Be diligent in your work by always being careful, double-checking, and caring about the quality of your efforts.

4) Work Cooperatively - Do your best to communicate and cooperate with your coworkers, team members, supervisor, and customers.

5) Stay Positive - Even when things get tough, maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

Good Luck!

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Todd’s Answer

More important to get a better life. If at all possible do what you enjoy. If not, do something that allows you the ability to do what you enjoy.

Hi Todd, Although I agree that pursing a passion is far more important in the long run, the student's question is focused around wages. Any insight you have on that would be appreciated! Gurpreet Lally

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Tom’s Answer

Sit down with your boss/line manager and work through the following

Tom recommends the following next steps:

Work out a progression plan
Meet regularly to discuss it
Include a timeframe around the plan