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How to achieve what you want to achieve ?

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8 answers

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Jobin’s Answer

Hello Karen,

In simple words I can tell you that the below points.

#1 — Know what you want and why you want it.
#2 — Create and follow a massive action plan
#3 — Track and analyze your results, making changes along the way

These are the 3 Simple Rules for Achieving Anything You Want in Life.

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Denny’s Answer

Know what you want to do.
Visualize a line with A-Z on it.
Mark your starting point as "A".
Define the finish line as "Z". (what you want to achieve)
Determine the 1st step as "B" and do "B" only.
Then determine "C" and do "C".
Then determine "D" and do "D".
Stop thinking about to much about what will happen when you get to "G" or "R" or "V", etc...
Keep your momentum going.
Expect failures along the way.
Learn and adjust.
Don't overthink.
Just remember what "Z" was and adjust along the way to get to it.

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Angela D.’s Answer

Frankly, one of the best strategies is time management for school success. You don't need to study harder, but smarter. By doing so, you will free up a little more time for: precious sleep (crucial for memory formation/retention/retrieval); some exercise (endorphins are hormones/chemicals released by the brain that can relieve pain and stress); and more opportunities to prepare nutritious meals (you need brain food!). Okay, what I mean about studying smarter is outlined in the website below. Edutopia is an organization primarily for K-12 teachers to teach smarter, but also has great resources for students. A brief summary of smarter studying is to eliminate multi-tasking and engage in high intensity habits (pre-testing, spaced practice, self-quizzing, interleaving practice, and paraphrasing/reflecting). Short term mastery can be attained with easier, less effective studying techniques...which may be enough to get you through a quiz/test, but not for long term memory/mastery. Finally, seek out supportive adults (teachers, school counselors, neighbors, etc.), friends who have similar goals and interests, and extracurricular activities that have meaning for you (joining a club, volunteering, etc.) I hope this helps...best, Dr. B


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James’s Answer

I guess for me I set myself goals I want to achieve then I visualize myself achieving that goal and imaging myself doing that experience I am working towards. If its a new job or a travel experience etc. I think a lot of it comes down to self belief and your ability to believe that things will happen for you. I think the challenge I have faced is how to eliminate background noise and not let that distract me. The way I handled this just ignore all that and just put myself first and thats all that matters. its important to think everyone is on there own path and its also important not to compare ourselves against each other. :))

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Tori’s Answer

It's important to create a developmental plan and goals to get you to where you want to be. What's your ultimate goal? Then, what small steps do you need to take to get there? Make sure to have solid mentors in your life that you can follow and seek advice and counsel.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Firstly, we need to define what your goal(s) what do you want to achieve. Then, you need to analyze your goals to estimate how long you need to estimate to achieve this goals.

The next step is to define the plan and timeline to achieve these goals.

If there are goals that needs taking long time, you may need to breakdown the goals into smaller milestones. Otherwise, you may lose your motivation to achieve those goals.

Also, you need to review your progress on regular basis, e.g. every month or quarter.

Rebecca recommends the following next steps:

1. Define our goals
2. Build development plan
3. Review on regular basis

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Aditya’s Answer

Know what you want to do first.

Then the hardest step is the biginning. All you need is patience. Know that it won't be easy.

Keep on grinding. fall 100 times and get up 101.

And also everyday keep a note of what you are doing in order to achieve that. Every bit.

slowly you will achieve which seemed impossible at the biginning

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Ari’s Answer

My suggestion to you would be to start off with a small reasonable goal and as you hit your goal set the bar higher. The more goals you set and achieve, the better you will feel about your college career. Maybe you say you want certain grades in a semester or you want to join a certain number of clubs. Your job is to enjoy the best 3-4 years of your life and the only want to do that is to set goals not just on an academic level but on a social level too.
I am a junior in college now and I can honestly say that this works. When I was a first year, I knew that greek life was something that I wanted to be a part of. I never thought that I would not end up joining a sorority and sticking with a co-ed national service fraternity. Now I am the treasurer of my chapter and I could not be happier about where it led me. Thirty hours of community service is a benchmark for me normally because one of my life goals is to make a difference in the world and I always feel like I am doing exactly that even if I am doing hours online.
I have always told myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to and I believe if you go into everything thinking that way, the possibilities of where your college life will take you will be endless!