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what are the main qualifications and requirments for becoming a victims advocate

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

I know becoming a advocate you need to prepare yourself not only mentally but Emotionally as well , what would be some of the in things that jobs target and look for in advocates #psychology #advocacy #community #criminal-justice

2 answers

David’s Answer

Associate, bachelor, or masters in psychology, criminal justice, social work and education. You have to be good at listening, but you also have to be good in not taking the sadness and pain home. I have worked with several victims in the last decade, just based on what I do. I feel the pain and let it go. I don’t believe you have to have all the classes from the above, but you might. Check to see if you can do it online, if you have a busy schedule. Every victim needs and deserves an advocate. Sometimes, they just want to be acknowledged. Thank you, for taking on such a wonderful and very much needed profession.

Lucy’s Answer


I would volunteer at Rape Crisis and similar orgs.