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What type of marketing careers can be done from home?

I am obsessed with all forms of marketing and plan on studying it. I would like the flexibility to work from home and I am not afraid of hard work. #business #career #marketing #workfromhome #wah

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9 answers

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Patricia’s Answer

Hi Kelly!

I work in Digital Optimization, which is related to Digital Marketing. I have found that it's a very flexible career, and can adapt fairly easily to remote, or work from home status. Since we support the digital channel of wireless sales, our customers and our products are completely online. Digital Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization all involve partnering with company-wide Marketing initiatives as well as working with day to day business goals.

I think any job benefits from face to face interaction, but with current collaboration software, it's very possible to achieve the level of communication needed to perform the job. For example, I'm in New Jersey and my team includes a member in California, and Texas. Our Analytics partners are mostly located in California. And we don't miss a beat because we work virtually.

Digital Optimization is a rewarding career. You get to directly impact company goals and continuously work towards making improvements for the customer experience. You partner with business leads, analytics, IT, testing and creative teams and can achieve depth in knowledge of the business. Every day is a new challenge.

Some resources to browse:


Best of luck to you!

I agree with Pat! Digital marketing and it's many branches certainly potentially allow a ton of flexibility when it comes to working remotely. REED GARRETT

Thank you for the wonderful information! Kelly R.

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Brittany’s Answer

Working from home is AMAZING! A lot of companies offer it, specifically in the tech industry. Marketing is a great field for it. Some aspects that work particularly well are ad management (managing ad platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords, etc.), email marketing, social media marketing, web design... honestly just about any aspect of marketing can be done from anywhere you have a computer!

Thank you! Kelly R.

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David’s Answer

Marketing is essentially communicating needs to consumers, be they voters, internet users, readers, or working-class citizens. How you communicate and to what market niches will determine the type of marketing you may be interested in. I'd recommend studying up on Edward Bernays' influence on marketing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ3RzGoQC4s), reading a few Seth Godin books for starters, reading George Lakoff (who is a master at what's called political campaign messaging and framing) as well as Steve Schmidt, and then using Google to research other forms of marketing. I think the more you learn the more depth you'll discover. Marketing is not about selling but building communicative bonds with others, trying to reach out through the screen to the person or from the printed page to the heart of a reader.

Once you get clarity on what form(s) of marketing interest you the most (and yes, you don't have to pick one, you can go from one to another, you have time), you can zero in on the masters of that branch of marketing. As far as working from home, it's not difficult to do at all given modern technology. WeWorkRemotely.com is a decent site to find work through. Another way to find remote work is to go to Indeed.com, enter in "Remote" for location" and try entering in "marketing" for job type. JournalismJobs.com is another decent site, and you can find many more from there.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Thank you for all the great information! I also like how you used the word "remote", I think I'll use that from now on. . It sounds much better and it is true since work can be done anywhere remotely. Thank you again. Kelly R.

Well, you're very welcome! So happy to help! Also, I want you to know that I used the word "remote" very purposely because many work-from-home jobs use that exact terms. If you go to Indeed.com, for example, try entering in the word "remote" where it requires you to enter location and you can even leave the type of job blank. You should see literally hundreds of jobs listed. So now you can refine that search. Also if you Google "remote employment" or "remote jobs" you'll find very different resources available for you than if you were to enter different search terms. If I can be of any further help, let me know! You CAN do it, you just have to be clear about what you want, how you want it, know yourself, and don't give up! David Somerfleck

David - lot of good resource references. Daniel Indish

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Daniel’s Answer

Kelly –
Interesting question about Marketing careers from home. Marketing covers a wide range of subjects, but this is what I know. My entire career has been based on Customer Satisfaction and Voice-of-the-Customer, VOC.

In a previous company, I did analytics for Customer web reviews and social media. Each day, I’d get a download in my email box of the Customer comments. I’d catalog what Customers had written as product LIKEs or DISLIKEs for product features, complaints and Customer sentiment (Are they happy and loyal?).

There are also software packages that would catalog the same things from web reviews, social media, or call center transactions in real time. Using these software packages, you could work from home.

Your job would be to interpret what the Customer is saying and help the company determine how this information would positively or negatively impact the business.

Other folks in Marketing would respond directly to positive and negative comments on social media. This could also be work from home job.

Some of these software packages are listed below. Take a look at some of the case studies presented on the websites. You might recognize some of the companies presented. You can get some understanding about how the data is collected and used to drive the VOC and is used within companies to drive Customer satisfaction. The websites also have a lot of other information for Customer Marketing.

The demo on this page shows different types of data and charts that can be generated reflecting the VOC.
Case Studies

Sysomos, which is now Meltwater Social
Case Studies

Sales Force
Case Studies

Google Analytics
Case Studies

Using Voice-of-the-Customer software and analytics open Marketing frontiers in other areas like:
Brand Marketing, Brand Awareness, Customer Experience, Advertiser Relationships, Product Launches, Go-to-Market Strategy, Social Media Insights, Demand Generation, Social Listening, Customer Engagement, Competitive Benchmarking

Again, this is just one area of Marketing. Hope it opens your imagination about Marketing possibilities that can track Customer Satisfaction. Good Luck!

Daniel recommends the following next steps:

Visit the web pages for Voice-of-Customer software packages.
Review a few Case Studies to understand how data is collected and used to drive the Voice-of-Customer and Customer Satisfaction.

Wow, so much detailed information! I cannot thank you enough! Kelly R.

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Jen’s Answer

As many have said before me, most marketing jobs can be a nice mixture of a few days in the office and a few at home.

That sounds good to me, thank you. Kelly R.

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nicole’s Answer

Hi Kelly,

Honestly with how the marketing industry has progressed, you should be able to work from home from any job. Most companies offer flexible remote options especially in major cities, and that goes for any industry. While you are interviewing for positions, its important to ask these questions so you understand the core values the company believes in. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you want to recruiters, current employees, and hiring managers. You are very much interviewing them as well to make sure its a good fit for you!

Great tips, thank you! Kelly R.

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Valda’s Answer

Digital marketing would be much more flexible, also if you are interested in reporting - competative marketing / reporting would be one of the more flexible areas.

Thank you, I'll have to look into that also. Kelly R.

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Luisa’s Answer

I'm a project manager for a software company and I've been able to work remotely for the past 3 years. My company is based in California and I work in Texas. My job entails managing and assigning the various tasks for a marketing project across the creative teams which includes: design, content and web.

Very helpful, thank you! Kelly R.

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Angela’s Answer

Completely agree and reiterate Nicole's answer -- in the technology age, any marketing job can be managed remotely which has clearly been proven with the recent pandemic and critical need to work from home. While human interaction and face-to-face engagement is needed at times and cannot be completely eliminated for certain jobs, working remotely it is a very acceptable way of working in today's world -- you should search for an employer who understand's and practices flexibility and work life balance!

In addition, I especially agree with Nicole's comment in regards to investigating & exploring working environments at the time of interview. Remember, an interview isn't just about the prospective employer interviewing you, as much as it's about you interviewing them to ensure the opportunity, environment, flexibility and people are aligned with your goals (not just the salary, though important). If you seek a work-from-home opportunity or a split time share, specifically search for those positions and/or have an upfront conversation with the employer during your interview process. You're prospective employer will appreciate the transparency and honesty upfront.

Regardless of the opportunity you seek, remember aligning your culture expectations with those of an employer's culture, is key to success, enjoyment and establishing a long term career within the organization.

Best of luck to you in your learning and career adventure!


Thank you so much for the great advice! Kelly R.