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What sparked your interest in forensic chemistry?

I'm currently a junior and I want to get more insight on the interests and daily lives of a forensic chemist. I want to have this job when I am older. #forensic #chemistry

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2 answers

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Gustavo’s Answer

Hello! I am a Researcher in the chemistry area, and in my opinion, to go to Forensic studies comes from the same curiosity that motivates the researchers in different areas. It means, what and why did it occur? It is the motivation to understand all the processes that make things comprehensible to solve the puzzle. This interest will consolidate when you are in College, doing the specific subjects and gaining experience in science, all of its experiences combined will guide you to the Forensic interests. In the University you will have the opportunity to involve with characterization technics that can be read in traces, this mix of science subjects will guide you to follow this area or another. Independently all science areas are amazing. I hope helped you, my best regards.

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Dale’s Answer

Good Morning: I am a Forensic Agronomist. The position evolved over years of solving production problems and explaining to insurance companies how and why something happened in the field or crop.

I believe part of forensics is a curiosity of how did this occur, and what part of this is measurable, and can not be disputed. Of course, you must have a deep understanding of chemistry in your case. A Ph.D. would be recommended in most cases. The ability to manipulate information and think outside the box is necessary. I am not sure this can be learned, I think it is an intrinsic skill that develops early in life and is honed with life experience.

Get to know some forensic people on a personal level, absorb knowledge from them while you're young.

Consider a science project in forensics for your Senior year in High School, see if a teacher will help you now.

Contact the American Academy of Science in Colorado Springs, CO for ideas, and people who might help you

Dale recommends the following next steps:

Find a college with a strong forensic and chemistry program.
Find a Forensic Chemist who will mentor and work with you. Depending where you live some law enforcement chemist might work with you.

Thank you ! Alysa C.